About Us

"Committed to delivering the highest quality mental health care by being respectful, resourceful, & responsive."


Metro Psychology Support Services is an Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services program, commonly known as ARMHS. 

ARMHS is a consumer-led mental health recovery program that helps people develop personal strategies for coping with mental illness and moving forward with their lives. Services place a strong emphasis on setting personal goals and developing strategies to pursue them. Participants are encouraged to develop an individualized vision of recovery and take active steps toward making it a reality.

Recovery from the symptoms and effects of mental illness is possible and ARMHS supports and guides participants in their journey. Services aim to teach and practice skills in mental health symptom management, independent living skills and social skills.

To find out if you qualify to receive ARMHS, read more about eligibility guidelines. To make a referral for services for yourself or someone else, please visit our referrals page.

Metro Psychology is committed to protecting the privacy of our patients. Please review our privacy policy.