From Our Clients

"My ARMHS worker is awesome. She is positive and uplifting, very well prepared and organized. She seems very attuned to what I need and helps me help myself. I really like her and appreciate her for the person that she is and for being a great practitioner. She is an excellent choice for an ARMHS worker." 

- MPSS Client     

 “He challenges me without pushing me. We are working on my anxiety and depression. He is really great, I love seeing him. The work he gives me is relevant and good. I like the self-discovery module. I woudn’t be half as far if it weren’t for him.”

 - MPSS Client 

"I want to thank ARMHS for encouraging me to be where I am today. Through implementing life skills in my daily life, I am now clean and sober, I am no longer homeless and I now live in a supportive-independent housing program that offers supportive meetings, a safe place for me to use my skills for the greater good of the residents, and a place for me to explore my interests and strengths. I am in the process of taking my GED exam and am confident that I will pass. I want to thank my ARMHS worker for helping me get to the place that I am today. I am now a leading figure in my supportive housing program, I have been a member of my church for a year, I have been able to maintain my sobriety, I maintain my relationship with my psychiatrist and therapist and that promotes hope and positive expectations. Furthermore, I now have my own column in the housing program’s monthly newsletter in which I discuss events in the community to inspire cohesion and healthy life choices that will support members in being successful living in the program. I would highly recommend ARMHS because it was helpful in helping me apply life skills and setting and reaching my goals. I believe in myself and that I can achieve anything I put my mind to."

- MPSS Client 



From Our Employees

"I am so grateful I was given the opportunity to be an ARMHS practitioner. The amount of knowledge and skill that I have acquired through working at MPSS is immeasurable. I am also thankful to be a part of a team that truly cares!"

- MPSS Employee 

"MPSS provides a hospitable workplace environment with genuine professional support from supervisors. Through being an ARMHS worker, I have grown professionally and personally. I have experienced diving in to the complexity of people's lives and using comprehensive approaches to address the complexity. I have developed increased empathy and passion for helping others. This job has been a blessing for me as I have been able to watch clients grow and take positive steps in their lives, and see the happiness it has brought them. Overall, it has been so rewarding and I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to work at MPSS."

- MPSS Employee  

"ARMHS work has helped me understand mental illness and has helped me learn how to work in a compassionate and professional way with clients. Some of Metro's strengths are proper training and support on the job, open communication between all members of the company, and the company is always open and adapting to change." 

- MPSS Employee  

"It has truly been an honor representing MPSS in the community as their diagnostician for the past three years. I feel confident performing the initial assessments knowing that the clients will be assigned to one of our highly competent and dedicated ARMHS practitioners. I also enjoy performing the reassessments as I can see how the clients have progressed since they started with our service. I am grateful not only for the rewarding connections with the clients themselves but also for the strong support from my supervisors, office staff, and practitioners in helping me develop my skills as a mental health professional. Working at MPSS has been the most positive experience in my career."

- MPSS Employee


"I have been employed with Metro Psychology Support Services for approximately two and half years. I have been supported in my professional growth within the organization on a daily basis. I am allowed to work under the director’s license. This has provided me valuable learning opportunities. The organization has provided me the ability to be independent while offering consistent support. I feel that I am able to utilize my skills in sessions with clients and receive timely and constructive feedback as needed. This has improved my therapeutic and resource skills. As a result, I have been able to witness the personal growth of my clients."

- MPSS Employee


From Agencies In Our Community

 "I have had a great experience working with Metro Psychology Support Services.The practitioner that I worked with showed professionalism and dedication to serving those in need. The commitment of your organization is evident in the work you are doing in our communities."

- Minnesota Advocacy Agency

"My client was in a difficult situation and his ARMHS worker at MPSS was great to work with! She communicated well with me and with the clients' family, explained her role clearly, and what she would be working on with the client. She demonstrated great rapport building, and was  flexible when needed. The client and his family are very pleased!"

- Care Coordinator

"I love working with your agency! You make everything so wonderful! Your company follows through and our clients like working with your staff. I send many referrals your way."   

 - Hennepin County Social Worker  

"Metro Psychology is a joy to work with in many capacities!!  Their staff is very friendly and work very hard to accommodate the many needs of my clients.  Metro Psychology is a superior, client focused agency that I recommend to all of my colleagues.  I highly recommend them for your clients in need." 

- Adult Mental Health Division, Ramsey County  

"I continue to make ARMHS referrals to Metro Psychological Services because of their friendly phone service, timely follow up and, most importantly, because of the success that the people I work with experience with the help of their ARMHS workers. Many of the people I work with went from calling me daily to calling maybe once per week due to their ARMHS support and, subsequently, their lessening anxiety. I highly recommend Metro Psych Services to my clients and colleagues and I appreciate the stability, support, and kindness they show to people experiencing mental health issues." 

- Managed Health Care Coordinator  

"ARMHS services meets the complex needs of the clients that I have referred. Metro Psychology Support Services stands out from other ARMHS agencies in terms of their communication and quality of service." 

- Hennepin County Social Worker  

"Metro Psychology Support Services is my ‘go to’ for ARMHS services. The practitioners are wonderful and experienced! Metro- you do a really great job serving your clients!"

- Anoka County Mental Health Intake

“As a legal guardian for adults, Metro Psychology is my first choice for an ARMHS agency when needing to refer clients” 

- Legal Guardian